OAP grafters and unreasonable goblins

Tuesday the 12th of June 2018 What a fucking day.....No don't worry, it's not one of THOSE posts. I've caught a bus and THEN flagged a taxi to take me away from the pity party that's dominated me this last wee while. Nah, today I'm undoubtedly fucked, but I'm in good humour so you're safe. … Continue reading OAP grafters and unreasonable goblins

It’s all gone to shit

Thursday the 31st May 2018 It's been a right odd day to be honest. I'd planned to try and get myself out for an hour this morning having stayed in yesterday but it's not quite worked out like that.... never does does it? I'm SURE someone somewhere hears what I'm planning, snorts and says "aye … Continue reading It’s all gone to shit

Plumbing, Resting and a Royal rant

Right then Wednesday... I am delighted to announce that ceiling vagΒ is no longer dripping ; she has now had her leak fixed. She has been dry for approximately 4 hours which means Christiaan can stop panicking that the house is going to fall in, and I can stand in the kitchen without the dripping noise … Continue reading Plumbing, Resting and a Royal rant

Sunshine, dull times and D.I.Don’t

The memo has gone out. The sun arrived this morning and approximately 47 seconds later the entire street emerged from their homes and began either washing their car or cutting the grass. It's a phenomenon that's normally only witnessed at weekends in most streets but, we're lucky,Β  we live amongst pensioners who have no need … Continue reading Sunshine, dull times and D.I.Don’t

Furry liabilities, ceiling vag and exhaustion

Well after such a positive day yesterday.... today can go fuck itself. I don't even know where to start. Christiaan says at the beginning but I'm not sure me scratching my arse and denying I can hear Eli crying in his bedroom showers me in glory so I'll start from when I realised the clock … Continue reading Furry liabilities, ceiling vag and exhaustion