Payback, shit storm and InstaFAIL

Well.... it got me. Payback out played me. It couldn't even wait until tomorrow when Eli was at nursery the unreasonable bastard. I knew yesterday that'd I'd done too much, I knew I'd pay but I didn't bank on it coming so soon or so hard to be honest.... I was cocky. I should have … Continue reading Payback, shit storm and InstaFAIL

Monday, Maths and M.E.

Well I'm alive so the good, or bad news, depending on how you look at it is that Monday didn't kill me. So firstly FUCK YOU MONDAY. Thankfully bollockchops slept through last night and there were no more spew related incidents, he has however, woken up in one of the whiniest fucking moods known to … Continue reading Monday, Maths and M.E.

Circus hairs, Harry Piggle and a few home truths

*FANFARE* Ceiling vag made it through the night! She's a saggier, dripper version than she was yesterday but that's old age innit? It'll come to us all. I've got to say, today sees me completely nonplussed about the whole "my house might fall on my face" situation, it's out of my hands, my energy is … Continue reading Circus hairs, Harry Piggle and a few home truths

Skidmarks, milestones and networking

Mondays aren't for me really. The weekend's gone and I give not one fuck about the "new chapter" of Monday. For people who work it's the beginning of a week of dealing with the shenanigans of others, for people who don't and want to its a reminder that life has kicked them in the chops, and … Continue reading Skidmarks, milestones and networking

The best things in life cost a fuck tonne of money actually

Saturdays are my favourite day of the week by a long way. Christiaan is off work, I'm off work legitimately and Eli is off nursery, our time belongs to no one but us and we generally have nowhere to be and nothing we need to achieve. I bet that sounds right depressing to some of … Continue reading The best things in life cost a fuck tonne of money actually

More faces than a royal flush….

Today's been a right odd day... and the funny thing is, that those around me probably haven't even realised that I wasn't on form. That's the thing about this - you can't always SEE it. I woke up today, and yesterday for that matter, feeling shit. Really shit. I don't really want to labour on … Continue reading More faces than a royal flush….