Wednesday the 25th July 2018 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Wednesday, it's like my very own mini break is a Wednesday. There's no child. There's no routine. There's no pressure to be anywhere, talk to anyone or get out of bed if I don't need to. Just was well really because it's 10.55am and I'm sat in bed with … Continue reading Freedommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bigger Boy Pills, Jekyll and Hyde and sunshine πŸŒž

Tuesday the 3rd of July 2018 Thank fuck, I made it, it's the end of Tuesday... it's taken AGES to arrive. It's been an utterly strange and depressing few days, so I'll apologise now because I suspect this will be all over the place. In some ways I've made headway in treatment, but I've taken … Continue reading Bigger Boy Pills, Jekyll and Hyde and sunshine πŸŒž

Joggists, tantrums and a weird bruise….

Saturday the 26th of May 2018 Private Mellars reporting for duty.... aaaaaaaateeeeeeeeenshunnnnnnnnnnnnn etc. etc. Firstly, sorry for missing last night. No, no, relaaaaaax, we weren't meant to be meeting at that seedy bar again, I mean for not writing. Those that follow the Facebook page clearly had an explanation (also sad face pics) but I … Continue reading Joggists, tantrums and a weird bruise….

You’ve got to be kidding M.E.?

After the drama of my C-Section and back surgery I was craving normality and control and I got it for a wee while you know. I continued to grow stronger through the months of 2016 and I was excited - really excited to start living a bit more. Eli was changing so quickly; he'd progressed … Continue reading You’ve got to be kidding M.E.?

Major surgery…again?

Like a tit I was telling everyone how AMAZING I was feeling afterΒ Eli arrived, and I really did. I had bounced back well from a horrendous pregnancy and a brutal birth and I was feeling like my health worries were behind me. Someone must have heard me being a smug twat though and decided to … Continue reading Major surgery…again?