Well you’re here, so you may as well get comfy

Right then, I guess I’d better start….

I genuinely have no idea why I’m starting this blog, but I’m forever being told I should and I’m running out of ways of saying ” I don’t want to” … I’m giving in essentially.

I also have no idea what I am setting out to achieve, or what benefit it’s going to bring me but there’s so much going on in life and my memory is shockingly bad so I do think I need to try and capture it somewhere; unfortunately for you crowd it’s going to be here. Run away! Run away now before I make eye contact with you!

You’re still here? Fine… I’ll crack on then.

I’m Sarah, I’m 37 and married to Christiaan. Our little ray of unreasonable angry sunshine is Eli (Elijah) who is 2 and currently seems to be in training for the next opening in the Jong Un empire. We live a really quiet life to be honest, our house is by the sea in a moderately sized village and we both prefer elasticated clothing and cosy nights over getting dolled up and going out – we’re simple creatures really. Just as well because life’s a bit of a challenge. Not in the way you’d probably imagine with a toddler, who quite frankly can be an arsehole most days, or even trying to fit said arsehole around a really busy job, while trying to still be a lovely wife baking and being chained to the kitchen sink etc…. Life for me is a wee bit different. I have M.E.

“Ah Sarah, you mean YUPPY FLU, it’s all in your head chick. Nice wee lie down and you’ll be grand.”

I tell you what, if you were here I’d belt you for that. I’m not rich enough to buy luxurious viruses and if I was, I’d give everyone a dose just for a day so they can FEEL what it’s like when you’ve literally got no energy to get changed or walk up the stairs. Or to forget the word for table, slur your speech like a drunkard or NEED to sleep so badly you could actually do a snot bubble cry right there and then. Actually it’d be right funny watching you crowd trying to wipe your arse when your hand wont work. Not that I’d be sat in the bog with you mind, that would just be barbaric… but what I’m saying is, no it’s not a bastard flu, it feels a lot like it some days, but it’s almost like being a half charged battery – nothing is quite working as it should.

I’ve no doubt living with M.E. will be a pretty big part of my blog, but you’ll be chuffed to hear I’m not in camp “woe is me” very often. I have an intolerance of any sympathy, empathy or any other ‘mpathy’s aimed my way. I can function, hold down a job, take care of my toddler and be a wife… I am ALMOST succeeding at all of that on a regular basis. Christiaan if you’re reading this and disagree I’m likely to piss on your pillow; just saying. In short, days are tough but I feel lucky to have what I have.

As if all that shit wasn’t enough I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve been attending fat club since July 2017 because lets face it, the less fat I have to drag up and down the stairs, the easier it is. So far nearly 2 and a half stone is gone, but I’ve a way to go yet and it’s not the first time I’ve been on this “journey” and then fucked it up. I’m really hoping I’ve got the determination NOT to roll in chocolate and sausage rolls any time soon.

So there you go, I’ve no idea what its going to look like going forward but it’s probable that I’ll have a combo of updates on every aspect of my life including the sprog, M.E. and health and my weight – sounds like a depressing read to be fair so if you’ve got owt else to get started on I would.


Us Mellars’s’s’s’ – Eli’s the small one, Christiaan is the furry one and I’m the one with the cats arse mouth.
Bonnie and Bear = Nice but dim, both of them

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